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Here's our latest on Aguadilla:

Update 11/30/2017. Initial assessment was 10/29/2017 - an interval of 32 days. Communication and medical access have been restored to nearly normal. Water, food, and electricity are still daily problems for most people who reside outside the pueblo, especially in the mountains. We give this an overall Behind Plan based mostly on lack of consistent water and spotty charity support. This is a Med-High confidence assessment based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Schools: 18 of 28 public schools are now open in 9 barrios. This is up from 3 open schools in previous assessment. There are still 9 barrios that do not have a school open. Five of these are in the mountainous area in the eastern part of the municipality.

Communication: 6 of 48 or 12.5% of cell towers are still out. In previous assessment 57% were out.

Medical Access: 1 hospital is open. Status PR reports that the hospital is without electricity; however, the AEE list of electrified sites lists Hospital Distristo Buen Samatariano.

Water: Water disruption began 9/6 with Hurricane Irma. "Many people in the mountains still have no clean water to drink. They say it will be months before the power is on and the water plants can run again." Project Agua Limpia For Puerto Rico -Aguadilla distributed 250 water filters second week of November. Twitter posts as late as 11/20 show people have put up signs requesting water and light. No definitive data on how many homes have water service. Last water delivery was RSA on 11/27.

Electricity: AEE site lists over 75 sites/neighborhoods/businesses that now have grid power. There are many areas with no electrical service.. ABC7NY news reports that Aguadilla has a "mangled power line grid." Power interruptions are frequent. One post: "return to candles." Posts as recent as 11/20 contain requests for power for certain neighborhoods. 

Food: The United Sikhs aid group reported reaching a mountain village of elderly and disabled citizens on 11/15 with some of the first aid they have had.(Twitter). Stop & Go site is still active and will serve Thanksgiving dinner on 11/22. Last food delivery was RSA on 11/27.

Roads: As recently as this week, new landslides caused by heavy rains have closed the main highways between Aguadilla and Mayaguez. Alternative route is available.

Items of note: In the pueblo, community events have been taking place, including a performance by the Puerto Rico Symphony, Puerto Rican music, and seasonal activities.

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