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Here's our latest on Aguas Buenas:

Update 11/30/2017. Initial assessment was 11/11/2017 - an interval of 19 days. No area has been restored to nearly normal. Water, food, and communication are still daily problems for most people who reside in this municipality. Medical services are very limited. Electricity has no capacity. We give this an overall Severely Behind Plan. This is a Medium confidence assessment based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Schools: 8 of 14 schools are open in 7 barrios, including the most isolated areas. Up from 1 school on 11/11.

Communication: 12 of 20 sites are still out (outage rate 60%).

Medical Access: Status PR does not list any hospitals open in Aguas Buenas. Additional on-line resources failed to indicate that the Mennonite hospital has reopened. NeoMed in offering medical services in a mobile clinic located in front of the bakery. There are 3 pharmacies listed in Status PR as open (4 EPAP pharmacies).

Water and Food: Aguas Buenas is still receiving aid from outside the community. The Stop & Go site is operating and offered Thanksgiving dinner for families. Facebook comments still show many people in need of water and food Oasis still listed. As of 11/27 both the Red Cross and RSA delivered food and water to Aguas Buenas.

Electricity: The AEE map in Status PR shows 0 sites electrified. However, a Facebook post reports that 20% of the line between Aguas Buenas and Sabana Llana was electrified on November 15. Note, AEE states 27 Nov that Aguas Buenas has no grid power:

Roads: Heavy rains continue to make roads impassable.

Items of Note: Isolation has limited the recovery of this municipality.

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