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Here's our latest on Bayamón:

Update 12/4/2017. Initial assessment was 11/22/17 - an interval of 12 days. All areas except Electricity have nearly normal capacity. We give this an overall On Plan with a confidence level of Med-High.

Schools: 51 of 69 schools open (74%). This is the same number of schools open as at assessment.

Communication: Little change from initial assessment. 116 cell towers restored (outage rate of 24.7%).

Medical: 7 hospitals and 55 pharmacies open. Unchanged from initial assessment.

Electricity: Grid power available at 73 sites, including AAA water, hospitals, industrial zones, major retailers (Sam's Club, KMart, Santa Rosa Mall), and residential areas.

Water: No water delivery shown after Red Cross delivery on 11/25. No current data on availability of water in homes or businesses.

Food: Daily delivery of aid has concluded as of 11/25. Restaurants and supermarkets are open in Bayamon.

Roads: Google Maps does not show any road closures.

Items of note: Canton Mall re-opened its doors to the public 12/4/2017.

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