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Here's our latest on Camuy:

Update 11/29/2017. Initial assessment was 11/4/2017 - an interval of 25 days. Communication and Roads have nearly normal functioning. Schools, Water, Food, Medical Access, and Electricity have some capacity. We give this an overall Behind Plan with a confidence level of Med-High.

Schools: 9 of 17 schools are open in 7 of 13 barrios. Significant change from no schools open at original assessment.

Communication: Only 1 of 17 cell towers remains out of service (outage rate of 5.0%). However, residents report difficulty establishing service.

Electricity: AEE map lists 27 sites that are electrified. Facebook posts as recent as 11/28 show residents asking for light. A Nov 14 statement by the mayor reported 50% electrification in Camuy. These "pockets" are reported to be without power: Puente, Quebrada, Puertos, Santiago, Vega, Pendula, Peña, Zanjas, Piedra Gorda.

Medical Access: No hospitals or dialysis centers are open in Camuy. There are 8 EPAP pharmacies open. There is a health clinic open in the pueblo.

Water: As of 11/27, food and bottled water still being distributed in Camuy by Red Cross and other voluntary organizations. On Nov. 14, the mayor posted that 95% of the water is on in Camuy.

Food: Meals still being distributed in Camuy. There is a pizza restaurant listed as open. Red Cross and RSA deliveries last on 11/27.

Roads: Google Maps shows no road closures in Camuy.

Items of Note: FEMA blue tarps were available Nov. 14 - 16 for residents. Many requests for debris removal. Local pharmacy collecting water, food, supplies and gifts for families, indicating either or abundance or willingness to share.

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