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Here's our latest on Canóvanas:

A final assessment of the Canóvanas municipality has been conducted 26 Nov 2017, an interval of 22 days.

Medical has been restored to nearly normal operations, Water, Food, Roads, Schools, Communications and Power have some functionality (mostly in urban areas; rural areas are still isolated and dependent on aid). We give this an overall assessment as Behind Plan due to the situation in rural areas. With a confidence assessment of medium-high based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Schools: 8 of 19 schools are open (initial assessment, one was due to open, so this is a significant change).

FCC cell sites: 12 of 30 sites are still out (40%). This is an improvement of 7 sites since initial assessment.

Power: Power is being restored slowly. 15 sites have power, these all appear to be in urban areas (initial assessment, there were 7 sites in urban areas). However, residents from many areas still reporting that they have no power. For example, 192 residents responded to a FaceBook post on 25 Nov saying there was no power. Many residents are angry; the municipality has issued a statement that the State Government is responsible for restoring power, not Canóvanas.

Water: Running water service has been established in some additional areas (Campo Rico, Canovanillas) but was disrupted 19 Nov and replaced with water tankers and oasis. The Army Corps of Engineers has installed water purifiers to provide water in Cubuy and Palma Sola. Residents from some areas are still reporting that they have had no water since Irma.

Food: restaurants continue to open. However, residents in some rural areas still do not have normal food supply.

Food and water supplies are still being delivered with assistance of the military, throughout Nov but many residents are complaining that they haven’t been reached.

Roads: Work commenced on repairing and paving roads, 16 Nov e.g. Carr. 185, Moreno bridge. Work commenced on two temporary bridges, on the PR-957 and PR-962 roads, on 20 Nov, expected to complete Jan-Feb 2018. Work commenced on repairing Palma Sola bridge 9 Nov.

Medical: Mobile medical services are still being offered during November.

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