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Here's our latest on Cataño:

Update 11/27/2017. Initial assessment was 11/2/2017 - an interval of 25 days. Schools, Communication, Water, and Roads have been restored to nearly normal functioning. Electricity, food, and Medical Access have some capacity. We give this an overall On Plan with a confidence lovel of Medium.

Schools: 8 of 11 schools are open. No schools were open at initial assessment.

Communication: 2 of 21 cell towers are still out of service (outage rate of 9.5%).

Medical Access: One hospital is open, no dialysis center, and 2 EPAP pharmacies.

Electricity: AEE map on Status PR shows 17 sites connected to the electrical grid. Facebook posts as recent as 11/26 show requests for light.

Water: Oasis is still in use. No requests for water service seen on Facebook. Latest delivery of water was 11/3 by RSA.

Food: School kitchens are providing community meals. The Stop & Go provided Thanksgiving dinner. The community has provided meals for the homeless.

Roads: PR-165 is closed west of the Catano border. Google Maps shows no road closures in Catano.

Items of Note: Community activities are taking place, including Navidad preparations, student music performances, and family theater

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