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Here's our latest on Corozal:

A final assessment of the Corozal municipality has been conducted 27 Nov 2017, an interval of 31 days. Schools, medical and cell coverage have some capability. Running potable water and electricity are partially restored in the town but mountainous areas have no capability yet. Food is returning to normal in the town but other areas are cut off by damaged roads and are dependent on aid. We give this an overall assessment as Severely Behind Plan based on the situation in the mountainous areas. With a confidence assessment of MEDIUM based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Schools: 7 of 16 schools are open (initial assessment, no schools were open, so this is a significant change).

FCC cell sites: 10 of 22 sites are still out (46%). This is a significant improvement of 8 sites since initial assessment. However, residents outside of town reporting no signal, 21 Nov.
A resident reports having internet service 9 Nov, but comments that others don’t have it:

Power: Power has been restored for some municipal buildings and apartments in the town; and also partially restored in Barrio Padilla. However, residents outside of the town have no power, as at 21 Nov.

Medical. The municipality held a health fair 16 Nov. Jason Maddy’s Veteran Disaster Relief has provided medical assistance to mountainous, isolated areas of Corozal, 24 Nov.

Water: Residents outside of town don’t have water supply, as at 21 Nov.
- A resident reports having water 9 Nov, but comments that others don’t have it.

Food: Normal food supply is returning in the town. Government agencies have rapid response teams delivering supplies to more remote areas.
- However, charity groups are delivering food, water, and water filters to communities during November, especially in the mountainous, difficult to reach areas.
- Government aid is not reaching some isolated areas.
- Jason Maddy comments that Corozal is one of the hardest hit areas.
- Jason Maddy’s team has been hiking into areas which the government agencies could not reach.

Roads: Numerous roads and bridges are still blocked or damaged. Examples 27 Oct-27 Nov:
- Locals are clearing mudslides and debris from roads, although the roads slip again.
- A bridge is still out in the town.
- Part of the road washed out between Palmarejo and the town.
- A community outside town is almost completely cut off by a damaged road, and the passage is dangerous.
- Bridges and roads collapsed in mountainous areas.

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