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Here's our latest on Humacao:

Review 11/29/2017. Initial assessment on 11/7/2017 - an interval of 22 days. Schools, and roads have nearly normal functioning. Communication, Medical Access, Water, and Food have some capacity. Electricity has no significant capacity. We give this aSignificantly Behind Plan based on the lack of electrical connection and continued food and water delivery. Confidence level is Medium-High.

Schools: 19 of 31 schools are open, a significant increase from 8 open at initial assessment. Schools without electricity are open from 7:30 to 12:30 with childcare until 3.

Communication: 26 of 44 towers are still out of service (outage rate of 59.1%). There are three free wifi spots in Humacao, one open 24/7.

Medical Access: Status PR shows Ryder Hospital open without electrical power. One dialysis center is open and 15 EPAP pharmacies are open. A health fair was held 11/27 in Urb. Los Pinos. A community service fair is scheduled for 12/7, and it will include health services. Medical services were available at the Thanksgiving celebration at Punta Santiago.

Water: Facebook comments range from no water to interruptions in service to low water pressure. Bottled water is still being delivered nearly daily by FEMA (last delivery was 11/28).

Electricity: Status PR AEE map shows one site with electricity in Humacao - the Ryder Hospital. 11/24 Facebook video shows street lights on in Humacao.

Food: Food, water, clothing, and household supplies were distributed at the Thanksgiving celebration at Punta Santiago. Food and Water being distributed by Red Cross, Federal govt. and voluntary organizations on a daily basis

Roads: Google Maps does not show any road closures in Humacao.

Items of note: Facebook posts show a lot of debris removal activity. Paratransit and trolley services resumed 11/27. 

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