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Here's our latest on Isabela:

A final assessment of the Isabela municipality has been conducted 30 Nov 2017, an interval of 31 days.
Water, Power, Food, Medical, Communications, Roads, and Schools all have some functionality. Water is not potable.
We give this an overall assessment as behind plan due to lack of potable water; and many neighborhoods being without power and isolated by damaged roads.. With a confidence assessment of MEDIUM based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Schools: 13 of 19 schools are open. This is a significant change from initial assessment (2 schools were open).

FCC cell sites: 11 of 35 sites are still out (31.4%). This is a significant improvement of 11 sites since initial assessment.
Very little cell service in Isabela, 15 Nov.

Medical: Isabela Hospital (CIMA) does not yet have grid power as at 30 Nov.
- The hospital has been relying on gas generators which break down often. Solar powered generators were donated 15 Nov but installation is not optimal.
- 11 pharmacies are open and processing electronic claims, according to the status pr list.

Electricity is slowly being restored:
- 24 sites in total are now energised (mainly urban buildings and areas), according to the AEE map.
- Three barrios have had power partially restored since the initial assessment: Arenales Altos (partial), Coto (partial), Jobos.
- Nine barrios do not yet have grid power restored.
- Only 1 AEE Brigade (7 workers) has been deployed to Isabela. On 21 Nov, they were removed and sent to Camuy. Isabela’s Mayor protested to the Governor.
- Residents report that numerous areas are still without power.
- Note, there was essentially no electricity for most areas in Isabela as at 15 Nov, according to an eye witness.

Food: As at 15 Nov, the supermarkets are fully stocked. Supplies are still being distributed to communities as at 19 Nov. The Stop N Go is still operating as at 17 Nov and is planned to continue.

Water: As at 15 Nov, there is running water in Isabela but it must be boiled. Residents are drinking bottled water.
“Bottled water is everywhere.”

- Roads still badly affected, e.g. fallen poles and power lines: Carretera 110 de Aguadilla en dirección a la Base Ramey; PR-2 de Isabela a Aguadilla; Ave Lulio; Saavedra Blasco.

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