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Here's our latest on Jayuya:

Update 11/30/2017 Initial assessment 11/13 - an interval of 17 days. Communication has nearly normal functioning. Schools, Water, Food, and Roads have some capacity. Medical Access and Electricity have no capacity. We give this a Severely Behind Plan with a confidence level of Medium-High.

Schools: 8 of 13 schools are open. This is up from 3 open 17 days ago.

Communication: 2 of 8 towers are still out of service (25% outage rate).

Medical Access: There are no hospitals or dialysis centers open. 4 pharmacies are open.

Water: FEMA has brought bottled water to the community through 11/28. No evidence of running water has been found.

Electricity: No electrical power in any sector. An Puerto Rican run company, batteries and bulbs, distributed batteries, inverters, lamps, flashlights, etc. in the community.

Food: FEMA and RSA deliveries nearly daily throughout the month of November. The community is still dependent on aid from outside. Baby formula and baby food is available for any families of infants (Nov. 30 post on Facebook).

Roads: Google Maps does not show roads closed. However, facebook pictures of sinkholes and washouts depict hazardous conditions.

Items of note: A group of performers visited Jayuya on Nov. 30 to present "ay, Maria" as an interactive forum on the hurricane experience. Jayuya Central is hiring people with kitchen or cash register experience. A church sponsored event provided meals, children's activities, clothing, and shoes at an event on Nov. 28, and then supplies were taken into the community. A Bazaar of Hope put on by the staff and students of Universidad Metropoliana offered clothing, household necessities and personal hygiene items. Many community activities of entertainment and generosity.

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