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Here's our latest on Lajas:

A final assessment of the Lajas municipality has been conducted 30 Nov 2017, an interval of 18 days. Roads and Communications have been restored to nearly normal operations, Food, Schools, have some functionality. Medical, power and water have very limited capability (most areas have generators or no power). We give this an overall assessment as Behind Plan. With a confidence assessment of medium based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Schools: 8 of 11 schools are open. This is a substantial change from initial assessment (5 schools were open).

FCC cell sites: All 19 sites are operational. This is a significant improvement since initial assessment, when 7 sites were still out and residents were reporting scarce service.

Electricity: 15 sites now have grid power (small localized areas like sectors and plots). This is a significant improvement since initial assessment, when only Parguera, a tourist town, had power. However, residents from areas outside of the urban area are reporting having no power, as recently as 28 Nov (e.g. Paris, Olivares, Cuesta Blanca, Del Tendal, Sector The Carr. 316). Some say that the majority of people in Lajas don’t have electricity.

Medical: The status pr site still indicates that no hospitals are open in Lajas. Accident victims were being taken to San German emergency department as at 21 Nov.

Food and Water: Food and water distribution continues 28 Nov, e.g. by the Red Cross. Residents from outside the urban areas are reporting that they need supplies, 28 Nov (e.g. Candelaria, Maguayo, Tokyo, Corillo, Los Llanos, Paris, Rayo Plata).

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