Las Marías

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Here's our latest on Las Marías:

Update 12/4/2017. Initial assessment was 10/28 - an interval of 37 days. Roads has nearly normal functioning. Schools, Communication, Water, Electricity, and Food have some capacity. Medical Access has no reported capacity. We give this a Behind Plan with a confidence level of Medium.

Schools: 5 of 10 schools are 10 schools are open. This compares to 1 school open at initial assessment.

Communication: 4 of 9 cell towers are in operation (outage rate of 55.6%).

Medical: No hospitals or dialysis centers are open; 1 EPAP pharmacy is open, according to Status PR.

Electricity: 11 sites are connected to the grid. They include the industrial zone, the urban core, AAA water sites, and residential areas.

Water: Both food and water were delivered to Las Marias throughout the month of November. The municipality is still dependent on FEMA and Red Cross and RSA for supplies. No data on water service is available.

Food: Dependent on outside aid. No supermarkets are open.

Roads: No road closures are shown on Google Maps.

Items of note: 11/25 "First Festival of Plentitude" brought food, healthcare, organic farming workshops, and children's activities to the public plaza.  

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