Las Piedras

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Here's our latest on Las Piedras:

Update 11/26/2017. Initial assessment was 11/16/2017 - an interval of 9 days. Roads has reported nearly normal functioning. Schools, Communication, Medical Access, Water, and Food have some capacity. Electricity shows no capacity. We give this a Behind Plan with a confidence level of Medium.

Schools: 7 of 14 schools are open. This is an increase of 2 schools.

Communication: According to FCC, as of 11/24/2017, 57.9% of cell towers are out of service. There are 11 Open Mobile sites in Las Piedras.

Medical Access: Status Puerto Rico shows no hospitals open in Las Piedras, but facebook posts report the Ryder hospital open since the delivery of a generator on 10/24, and CDT is also reported open by facebook posts. There is a dialysis center open, and 8 EPAP pharmacies are open. This is unchanged since the assessment. No data was found to contradict this.

Water: A generator arrived 11/17 to bring water service. The post showing the generator had over 100 comments, the majority saying they have no water (11/17 to 11/20) or that they have had water come and then leave. One comment on 11/18 - no water or light since Irma (9/6). Oasis sites are still functioning. Bottled water continues to be delivered by RSA.

Food: Facebook post on 11/8: distribution door to door of food and water is continuing in Las Piedras. RSA and Red Cross deliveries throughout the month.

Electricity: There are no sites in Las Piedras connected to the electrical grid.

Roads: Google Maps shows no road closures in Las Piedras at this time.

Items of Note: Limited cell and internet availability.

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