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Here's our latest on Loíza:

Loiza Update 12/4/2017. Initial assessment was 11/11 - an interval of 23 days. No areas have nearly normal functioning. Schools, Communication, Water, Food, Electricity and Roads have some capacity. Medical Access has no reported capacity. We give this Behind Plan with a confidence level of Medium.

Schools: 5 of 10 schools are open; 2 were open at initial assessment.

Communication: 7 of 13 cell towers are operational. No change from initial assessment. This is an outage rate of 46.2%.

Medical: No hospitals, dialysis centers or EPAP pharmacies are reported open on Status PR.

Electricity: AEE map shows three sites energized, the urban core and two residential areas (partial).

Water: FEMA and Red Cross continue to deliver bottled water to Loiza on a regular basis.

Food: Aid is being delivered by FEMA and Red Cross through 11/27, date of last data. 5 convenience stores are open.

Roads: PR-951 is closed from Canovanas into the Los Mercedes area of Loiza. Calle Santillana del Mar is closed from Calle de Recreo to Calle Punta de Atlantico.

Items of note: Loiza municipal Facebook page has no notices of community activities. 

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