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Here's our latest on Naguabo:

A final assessment of the Naguabo municipality has been conducted 1 Dec 2017, an interval of 13 days. Schools have been restored to nearly normal operations, roads, medical, water, food and comms have some functionality. Power has almost no capability yet (starting to be restored for some areas on 17 Nov but with little progress). We give this an overall assessment as Behind Plan due to isolated communities with very limited access to resources. With a confidence assessment of medium-high based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Schools: 9 of 11 schools are open. This is positive progress since initial assessment 2 weeks ago (7 schools were open)

FCC cell sites: 16 of 24 sites are out (66.7%). This is only a minimal change since initial assessment 2 weeks ago, when 18 sites were out

Medical: The Naguabo Medical Mall (CDT) is open as of 19 Nov, including emergency room, x-rays, vaccinations, diagnostic clinic and psychiatric services. Naguabo’s health centres and hospital (CDT) are not yet listed as having grid power in the State lists as at 1 Dec.

Electricity: Nauguabo still has no sites with grid power, as at 1 Dec. Numerous residents are asking the municipality when power will be restored

AEE states 27 Nov that Naguabo has no grid power

Water: It was announced that Naguabo has 90% drinking water services restored, on 25 Nov. However, some areas still do not have drinking water as recently as 30 Nov. The military is assisting with water tankers in some areas. Examples: Las Parcelas Viejas; Las Parcelas Nuevas del Barrio Daguao; Higuerillo la Suiza (since Irma); Bo. Mariana (has been forgotten; no water for 85 days); Bo. Cubuy; Comunidad La Fe (was without any water for several days).

Food: Restaurants are open in the tourist area, but normal access to hot meals for locals is still not restored (partly due to lack of power). Local restaurants and charity groups are providing free hot meals to the community. Supermarket prices are starting to return to normal.

Food and water aid: Aid is still needed in some areas (food, water, essentials). Bo. Cubuy and Bo. Florida are difficult to access. The Municipality, the Military, the Red Cross, the Governor’s Office and private charity groups have delivered food and water aid as recently as 30 Nov. An Emergency Stop N Go opened 21 Nov, including a community laundry. This will stay open because electricity service has not yet been restored.

Roads: Several state roads were closed due to bad conditions, as at 21 Nov. Roads in Bo. Cubuy are still needing repairs, power for traffic signals and debris cleared 30 Nov.

Houses still need tarps for damaged roofs; this is being rolled out from 21 Nov, but there is still a long way to go.
WEPA TV station is collecting donations of toys for Christmas gifts

The Boardwalk is being restored with the help of Heineken:

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