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Here's our latest on Orocovis:

An assessment of the Orocovis municipality has been conducted on 3 Dec, 28 Days since the initial assessment. Cell Service has some functionality. Although Water has been delivered, there is no sustained capability in place yet. There is no electrical grid service either. Roads are working in the town areas but remote regions appear inaccessible. We give this an overall assessment as still Severely Behind Plan. Orocovis is a municipality which frequently shows up in news reports as being particularly isolated and in a desperate condition. With a confidence assessment of Medium-High based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Water: This was an area with clean water issues before the hurricane. Now there is one small solar powered pump for deep well water in operation (for 720 people). We also had a report of a Clay Filters Plant Faucet / hydrant for water available 8a-6p at an unspecified location on 27 Oct. Last bottled water delivery was 28 Nov. There have been 108 total deliveries of water in this area. AAA estimates over 60% of the population is without running water.

Food: Last food delivery was 27 Nov, there have been 91 food deliveries by the government/FEMA. There are four small grocery stores, none of them major chains, open.

Medical: There is no working hospital but four pharmacies are operating with the EPAP program.

Comm: 11 of 15 working cell towers

Roads: There are some roads open but PR-563 and PR-566 report multiple obstructions. It is not clear how people in the mountainous regions are able to travel with these road obstructions.

Schools: 13 of 16 schools are open but likely with limited running water and no electricity.

Electricity: There is no power restoration yet in Orocovis. Although there is some indication of generator power, there is not a single energy source evident on the VIIRS Day/Night band.

There have been several volunteer groups going to Orocovis, which is essential because there is no power and no water in this municipality. There is one Stop and Go emergency center open. It is anticipated that Orocovis will be one of the last areas to be recovered.

Sources: 5 social media, 5 new sites, 6 government sites

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