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Here's our latest on Patillas:

Update 11/29/2017. Initial assessment was 11/5/2017 - an interval of 24 days

Schools: 10 of 16 schools open. Significant increase from 1 at assessment. The schools are spread over 6 barrios.

Communication: 7 of 16 cell towers are still out (outage rate of 47.8%). The Univision Liberty Wifi tour will bring free wifi to Patillas on December 6.

Medical Access: No hospitals or dialysis centers are open, Two EPAP pharmacies are open. There is a clinic of primary care doctors in town.

Water: Five Oasis locations were established in Patillas. No indication has been found that these have been discontinued. A video shot on 11/19 shows aid going out to 200 families. Red Cross and RSA deliver the aid to Patillas, and local and volunteer groups distribute it door to door.

Electricity: AEE map show no electrification of this municipality. I did not see any reports of the generators that AcuWeather shipped to Patillas. Schools must have generators since there is no grid power.

Food: Aid continues to be delivered house to house in the outlying areas. Churches and local volunteers are providing the majority of the effort. Red Cross and RSA bring the supplies to Patillas for distribution.

Roads: Google Maps does not show any road closures.

Items of Note: A Facebook comment on 11/27: Looks like Maria passed yesterday. Compared to other towns, Patillas is slow to recover. Live music yesterday in the plaza.

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