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Here's our latest on Rincón:

An assessment of the Rincon municipality was conducted on 12/5/17. The initial assessment was done on 11/3/17 for an interval of 32 days. Water and Electricity are still a daily problem for the bulk of the people in this municipality and food access is somewhat limited. We give this an overall Behind Plan based mostly on lack of water and electricity and unreliable assistance for rural areas. This is a Med-High confidence assessment based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality.
Specific details are:

Water: 76 deliveries of water, latest on 11/30 by RSA.

Food: 75 distributions of food, latest on 11/30 from RSA, a few open grocery stores in area including an Econo Supermarket.

Medical: 1 EPAP pharmacy and temporary med clinic being held, the last one was on 11/28. Hospital Costa Salud is open. There were no local dialysis centers before the hurricane.

Comm: 13% of cell towers are down.

Roads: Roads appear to be open and clear.

Schools: There are 5 out of 7 schools open.

Electricity: AAE lists 7 areas without electricity but 6 of these are entire barrios (out of 9 barrios).

Sources: PR News websites (2), status.pr.gov (5), Google maps (2), FCC Maria Update site

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