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Here's our latest on Salinas:

17 of 29 Cell sites are out (58.6%). This is modest progress since initial assessment 27 days ago, when 22 sites were out. Cell service was restored in some communities in early November. Liberty provided a mobile wifi service 10 Nov.
A final assessment of the Salinas municipality has been conducted 2 Dec 2017, an interval of 26 days.
Schools, Water, Power, Roads and food have some functionality. Medical has very limited functionality. We give this an overall assessment as behind plan. With a confidence assessment of medium based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Schools: 17 of 20 schools are open. This is substantial progress since initial assessment 27 days ago (1 school was due to open).

Medical: A free health clinic was held 30 Nov.

Electricity: 35 sites have power. This is substantial progress: at initial assessment 27 days ago, there was no grid power.
- One major lines was restored 7 November which restored water pumps in the urban area and several communities.
- Work is in progress to energise the Northern areas of Salinas.
- List of restored sites from the AEE: see note
- Residents reported 7 Nov several areas with power: see note
- Areas still without power include: Calle Principal en La Playa; most of Coco and Parcelas Vazquez, parts of Las Marias.

Water: Water pumps in the urban area were restored with grid power, 7 Nov.

Food and water aid: The Municipality, and Red Cross distribution is ongoing as at 27 Nov. Private aid groups are delivering supplies to communities as recently as 29 Nov.

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