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Here's our latest on Toa Baja:

Update 11/25/2017. Initial assessment was 11/18/2017 - an interval of 7 days.

Schools: 18 of 23 schools open. No change, but interval is only 7 days

Communication: Only 7 of 54 cell towers are still out (13% outage rate).

Medical: No hospitals are listed as open in Toa Baja on Status PR. The Metro Pavia Clinic Facebook page states that emergency room, lab, and x-rays are available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. with more services soon. The Morovis Community Health Center and la Clinica Gomunitaria Llanera have coordinated with international and medical school partners to provide temporary services. Status PR shows 15 EPAP pharmacies open in Toa Baja. Mental health concerns are rising. Dr. Toro is quoted in NY Times: ""In his nearly 20 years of practicing psychology, Dr. Toro said he had never before hospitalized as many people with suicidal or homicidal thoughts in such a short time period."

Water: No recent reports of needing water, However, a community laundry is still operating, opening again after Thanksgiving holiday. That the community still needs the community laundry would mean that either water or electricity, or both, are not available in all parts of the municipality. Twitter reports: water comes and goes. It is inconsistent. Bottled water was delivered by RSA through 11/3.

Electricity: AEE maps show 48 sites with electrical grid connection in Toa Baja. There are Facebook comments as recently as November 20 stating that nothing has been done in their area, and they are still in the dark. Twitter reports showing no light as recently as 11/24.

Food: The Toa Baja Facebook page has several posts thanking individuals and organizations for aid, but no new sites or deliveries were found. At least 2 restaurants are open in Toa Baja. Red Cross and RSA deliveries continued throughout November.

Roads: PR-165 along the north coast is still closed and will be closed until at least December. PR-22 Express is closed at PR-165 in southern Toa Baja. 

Items of note: The Toa Baja Municipal Facebook page remains flooded with comments with people who need debris cleared out of the area. They cite hazards of disease, lack of accessibility, and infestation of rodents "the mice eat us". Twitter shows the Puerto Rico National Guard cleaning up debris in some areas.

Sources: 6 Social Media 1 News site 6 Govt. sites.

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