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Here's our latest on Utuado:

Date of initial assessment 16 Nov 2017 (an interval of 18 days)

12 of 21 Cell sites are out (57.1%). This is substantial progress since initial assessment 18 days ago, when 81% of sites were out. However, communications are still not available in many areas. 17 Nov: Utuado has coverage from wireless signal.

Schools: 14 schools are open; no change since initial assessment 18 days ago.

Medical: The Hospital de la Montaña and Utuado NAP health clinic now have grid power.

Electricity: Power is available in three more barrios (at least partially) since initial assessment, as well as water pumping stations; and grid power has been restored to the Hospital de la Montaña. 29 Nov, electricity is not available in many areas, especially rural areas.

Water: As at 15 Nov, water pumping stations were serviced by electrical generators in Utuado, and filtration plants are working in Utuado. However, resident reports frequent breakdowns in AAA water plant generators. In many rural areas, water supply has not been restored. Communities are using water from streams. Some areas have tap water but it is not potable. Residents are using water filters distributed by private aid groups. There is good awareness of the water boiling advisory.

Food: In some isolated areas, residents still cannot easily obtain food.

Food and water aid: FEMA, the Red Cross, the municipality and private aid groups continue to deliver food and water supplies to communities as recently as 4 December. 29 Nov: Resident reports that supplies are delivered along main roads and some residents cannot reach aid.

Roads: Infrastructure work is underway but many roads and bridges are still in need of repair, especially in rural areas; but also parts of Interstate highway 10.
- Bridge repairs are needed to enable supplies to reach cut-off areas. Utuado lost 14 bridges.
- 22 Nov, heavy rains caused more flooding and closure of roads in rural communities.

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