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Here's our latest on Aguada:

An assessment of the Aguada municipality has been conducted on 28 November (recheck 3 Dec). The initial assessment was done on 28 October for an interval of 30 days between the two assessments. While many areas have been restored to nearly normal operations, Water and Electricity are still a daily problem for the bulk of the people in this municipality. We give this an overall Behind Plan based mostly on lack of consistent water and spotty charity support. This is a Med-High confidence assessment based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Water: 91 deliveries made, no standing oasis, as of 16 Nov only 66% have running water service, all water must still be boiled. This is one of the 6 municipalities (of 78 total) that is still underserved according to AAA. Recent update to indicates the government is still distributing water to this municipality.

Food: 65 deliveries made, complaints of uneven distribution, last known distribution 27 November. Multiple grocery stores appear open.

Medical: The existing health center is open and NGO's have visited multiple times for open clinics. There are also 7 free pharmacy sites available.

Comm: All cell towers have been restored

Roads: No known road issues reported but excess debris in multiple barrios

Schools: 13 schools of 20 schools are open

Electricity: There is power in the main city center and generators in key facilities but the majority of residents are still without power.

The Red Cross indicates there is still a shelter open housing people in the main downtown area.

Aguada seems to have a significant unevenness in restoration of capabilities. This area seems to be suffering from a lack of a consistent, centralized recovery effort. It appears what progress has been made is through official government capabilities and individual effort. The lack of water and electricity are the major problems.

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