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Here's our latest on Aibonito:

Review 12/2/2017. Initial assessment was 10/30/17 - an interval of 33 days. Communication and Medical Access and Roads are functioning nearly normal. Water and food are still dependent on outside aid. Some schools are open. There is only one site connected to the electric grid. We give this . We give this an overall Behind Planbased mostly on lack of consistent water supply and dependence on outside aid.. This is a Med-High confidence assessment based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Schools: 9 of 14 schools are open in 6 barrios. This is a significant difference from assessment when no schools were open.

Communication: Only 3 of 21 towers remain out (14.3% outage). At assessment, 13 towers were out of service. There has been limited free wifi in the town square.

Medical Access: Status PR indicates Menonito Aibonito hospital is open without electricity. However, the AEE map shows the hospital as the only site with grid power in Aibonito. There are 9 EPAP pharmacies listed as open.

Water: As of Nov. 28, the generator at the dam stopped working, and water service stopped until repair is made. On Dec. 4, the intake at the La Plata dam will be cleaned. Residents will have low water pressure and should boil water for 5 minutes. From this, it is assumed that at least some homes have water service. Bottled water continued to be delivered throughout November by FEMA, Red Cross, and RSA.

Electricity: AEE map shows one site with grid power, the hospital.

Food: Aid continues to be delivered to Aibonito. Throughout November, Red Cross and RSA continued delivery of food. There is no Stop & Go site in Aibonito.

Roads: There are no main highways through Aibonito. No closure notices were found for local roads.

Items of note: The municipal Facebook page showed one community activity in November. No Navidad activities, Thanksgiving activities, or social activities were posted.

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