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Here's our latest on Arecibo:

An assessment of the Arecibo municipality was conducted on 12/3/17. The initial assessment was done on 11/20/17 for an interval of 23 days. While many areas have been restored to nearly normal operations, Water and Electricity are still a daily problem for the bulk of the people in this municipality. We give this an overall Behind Plan based mostly on lack of consistent water and unreliable assistance for rural areas. This is a Med-High confidence assessment based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality.
Specific details are:

Water: 97 deliveries made with the latest delivery made 11/27/17. Recent update to indicates the government is still distributing water to this municipality. Running water is available in most areas.

Food: 119 deliveries of food made with the latest delivery made 11/27/17. Multiple grocery stores in the area are open.

Medical: Two hospitals are open and on grid power, while the Coll y Toste Metropolitan Hospital is structurally unsound. There is 1 dialysis center open and 25 EPAP pharmacies open.

Comm: Only 17% of cell towers have been repaired.

Roads: No road issues reported.

Schools: There are 23 schools open in 10 different barrios.

Electricity: 84 areas remain without power, with protests staged in rural parts along PR-10 due to this lack.

Items of note: Arecibo Observatory will remain open but needs private funding for repairs. FEMA delivered 1200 tarps to Arecibo on 11/17.

Sources: PR News websites (1), (4), FCC Maria Update site, USGS post-hurricane satellite map

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