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Here's our latest on Barceloneta:

An assessment of the Barceloneta municipality has been conducted on 28 Nov 17. This is 30 days since the last assessment on 28 Oct 17. Roads have been restored to nearly normal operations, Communicatio is established for the more populous areas but not the moutaineous portions. Electricity have some grid functionality. Water and Food appear to be returning to normal. 8 of 10 schools are open.The Pfizer pharmeceutical plant appeared to have it's own power generation and has been up and operating since early October. The Premium Outlet Mall opened up on 22 Nov in time for the holiday season. We give this an overall assessment as "Ahead of Plan" based primarily on the amount of functionality in the municipality and return of major businesses. Relatively close proximity to San Juan may be a factor. This status has a confidence assessment of Medium-High based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Water: Water appears to be stabilized.

Food: The grocery stores appear open.

Medical: The medical clinic has routine operating hours and the major hospital in Manati is open and functioning.

Comm: Intermittent cell service with14 of 26 cell sites are open

Roads: Appear functional

Schools: 8 if 10 schools are open

Electricity: Barceloneta made national headlines when repair crews for the Whitefish Energy Holdings were seen in this municipality from an AP photo. Opening of the major outlet mall and schools indicate that grid power has been restored in the populous area. 

Of note, Barceloneta is one of the few smaller municipalities with evidence of power from the VIIRS Day/Night Band (imagery as of 28 Oct). This may be related to the Pfizer company although several spots in the town were lit at 9pm local time.

Sources: 5 social media sites, 4 government sites (including NOAA VIIRS data and USGS updated Google maps with latest satellite imagery), 6 news media sites.

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