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Here's our latest on Caguas:

An assessment of the Caguas municipality was conducted on 12/4/17. The initial assessment was done on 11/817 for an interval of 26 days. While many areas have been restored to nearly normal operations, Water and Electricity are still a daily problem for the bulk of the people in this municipality. We give this an overall asssement of Behind Plan based mostly on lack of consistent water access and electricity. This is a Med-High confidence assessment based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Water: FEMA and the Red Cross are making regular deliveries to Caguas for a total of 112 deliveries, the latest on 11/27. There does not appear to be widespread access to running water.

Food : There have been 129 total deliveries of food. FEMA & the Red Cross are still delivering food with the last delivery 11/27 by Red Cross. In addition, multiple grocery stores are open in the area.

Medical: Three hospitals and multiple health centers and doctor’s offices are open, but on limited generator power. There are two open dialysis centers and 31 EPAs.

Comm: 17% of cell towers are inoperable.

Roads: Roads have been cleared of major debris, but there are still complaints of debris on the roads. There are two temporary closures with alternate routes available.

Schools: 39 out of 52 schools have re-opened.

Electricity: The AEE lists 126 areas without electricity, including several entire barrios.

Sources: PR News websites (1), (4), FCC Maria Update site

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