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Here's our latest on Carolina:

Update 11/29/2017. Initial assessment 11/6/2017 - an interval of 23 days. Communication, Medical Access, and Roads have been restored to nearly normal functioning. Water, Food, Schools, and Electricity have some capacity. We give this an overall Behind Plan based on the continuing reliance on aid from outside the municipality. The is a Medium confidence based on the amount of data available.

Schools: 29 out of 46 schools are open. This compares with 17 open at assessment. All but 2 barrios have schools open.

Communication: 23 of 130 cell towers are out of service (outage rate of 17.7%). There are 18 Open Mobile sites.

Medical Access: Two hospitals, one dialysis center, and numerous pharmacies are open.

Water: The only data I found on water on Carolina was facebook comments about water being off periodically. Many reports on twitter that Parque Escorial still does not have water. It seems that they had water (or promises of water) on 11/26 and 11/27, but then there wasn't water. There have been 3 generators and people have been told that they were damaged. AAA said this morning (11/29) that they are installing a new generator and that there will be water tonight. Reports throughout the day that little by little there is some water, by most complexes do not have water, and those that do have very little pressure. The last bottled water delivery to Carolina was by FEMA on 11/24.

Electricity: AEE map lists 19 sites with restored electricity. On 11/15, a blackout hit several towns, including Carolina. Tweets as recent as 11/25 complain of no power.

Food: Facebook post 11/11 about food and water distribution in southern Carolina. On 11/15, the food court of the Simon-Plaza Caronlina mall in the commercial downtown area re-opened. Stop & Go is still providing meals as of 11/22. The last Red Cross delivery of food was 11/21.

Roads: Google Maps shows no road closures in Carolina.

Items of note: A vocal festival held recently had an audience of 1000. A Nov. 5 Facebook post states that FEMA has the docks all tied up, and there are 35 pallets of food and water to be distributed in Carolina. It asks for volunteers to help transport the food and water. A comment on 11/8 states that it is not FEMA congesting the docks. It is private companies who do not want to move their merchandise to their property until they have electricity. The writer states: "the government will have to threaten to confiscate if they don't look for it in x time."

Businesses that are open to the public are Sears, Santander Bank, Chili's Econo supermarket, Scotiabank, TJMaxx, Nails & Hair Salon, and Walgreens. The rest of the establishments in the mall will be gradually re-establishing operations in (what's left of) 2017 and 2018.

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