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Here's our latest on Cayey:

An assessment of the Cayey municipality has been conducted. It has been 22 days since it's first assessment. Although routine Food, Water, School, and Medical Access have some functionality, it appears to be behind in communications. We give this an overall assessment On Plan, downgraded from "Ahead of Plan" due to slow comm and water progress.. With a confidence assessment of Med-High based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Water: In addition to 6 standing oasis, Cayey has had 69 deliveries of water, latest as of 27 Nov - they seem to be more reliant on water distribution many other municipalities

Food: Cayey has 6 open grocery stores, including a Walmart Supercenter.

Medical: The hospital Centro Médico Menonita de Cayey is on generator power and open.

Comm: 21 of 46 cell towers are functioning and there is a Cellular on Wheels (COW) mobile location

Roads: Main roads into and out of Cayey are functioning with traffic showing in real-time on Google Maps (suggesting reasonable volume). The moutainous PR-15 originally appeared closed but now shows live traffic on the parts that are closest to city center.

Schools: 17 of 25 public schools are open in addition to the University of Puerto Rico in Cayey and a vocational training school

Electricity: There are 35 locations with power (likely generators) in Cayey with 65 'sectors' listed as not powered. A review of the VIIRS Day/Night Band imagery as of 27 November shows moderate electrical activity.

Cayey has a FEMA Disaster Recovery center open as of 31 Oct in the Pedro Montañez Municipal Baseball Stadium. There were also free Duracell batteries handed out on 6 November at the same location.

Sources: 5 social media, 6 new sites, 7 government sites, 4 company sites

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