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Here's our latest on Ceiba:

Update 12/4/2017 Initial assessment was 11/3/17 - an interval of 31 days. Schools, and Roads have been restored to nearly normal functioning. Communication, Water, Electricity, and Food have some capacity. Medical Access shows no recovery. We give this an overallBehind Planwith a Low-Med confidence level.

Schools: 6 of 7 schools are open. Significant change since assessment.

Communication: 6 of 13 cell towers remain out of service (outage rate 46.2%). This is an additional 2 towers in service.

Medical: No hospitals, dialysis centers or EPAP pharmacies functioning. SA Inc. Medical center is marked permanently closed on Google Maps.

Water: FEMA continues to deliver bottled water.

Electricity: 20 sites reported electrified by AEE, including water plants, municipal offices, and residential areas. A facebook post of 11/17 about sites ready for electrical tie-in brought 63 comments, the majority about their location without electricity.

Food: Red Cross continues bringing food into Ceiba throughout November (the last data date). One market is open.

Roads: Google Maps shows no road closures in Ceiba. PR-53 is closed north of the Ceiba/Fajardo border. 2 gas stations are open.The Jose Aponte airport is in service for commercial flights.

Items of note: Community celebration scheduled for 12/16 for lighting of the tree. FEMA notice that 12/5 is last chance for application. A Facebook Comment reports that a small mall, Villas Del Pilar, has fired employees because the offices are inoperative because of no power.

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