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Here's our latest on Ciales:

Update 11/30/2017. Initial assessment was 10/31/2017 - an interval of 31 days. Communication has been restored to nearly normal functioning. Schools, Water, Food, and Roads have some capacity. Electricity and Medical Access have no capacity. We give this an overall Severely Behind Plan based on the lack of medical facility and zero connection to the electric grid. The confidence level is Medium based on the amount of data available.

Schools: 9 of 14 schools are open in 6 of 8 barrios. They opened 11/14. No schools were open at assessment - significant change.

Communication: 4 of 14 cell towers are still out of service (outage rate of 28.6% - down from 61%). On 11/14 Liberty Communications offered free wi-fi service in the town square.

Water: 11/14 from the mayor's office: 90% of water service is operating "with interruptions." As recently as 11/16, The Red Cross is still delivering food and water. The community is being visited by mobile units offering free hair washing and free laundry service. An article in elnuevodia states there have been water service interruptions because of problems with electrical generators in filtration plants, pumping stations or dams in Ciales. It also says the water filtration plant in Ciales is functioning. The last RSA water delivery was 11/15

Electricity: AEE map on Status PR shows no sites on electrical grid.

Medical Access: There are no hospitals or dialysis centers open in Ciales. These are 5 EPAP pharmacies open. The PryMed Clinic has been open since 10/31, operating on generators. It appears to offer outpatient services only (it opens at 6 a.m.). PryMed is holding clinics in outlying areas for flu shots,

Food: As recently as11/15, food was distributed in the town square. Facebook posts show distributions every 3 or 4 days. Community dependent on outside aid. The latest Red Cross delivery was 11/25. FEMA's last delivery was 10/24.

Roads: 11/14 from the mayor's office: 95% of the roads are clean and open. The bridge east of the pueblo from PR-6685 is still closed.

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