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Here's our latest on Cidra:

A final assessment of the Cidra municipality has been conducted 27 Nov 2017, an interval of 27 days. Medical services have been restored to nearly normal operations. Power has been partially restored. Communications are limited. Schools, water and roads have some capability. We give this an overall assessment as Behind Plan. With a confidence assessment of medium based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Schools: 8 of 14 schools are open (initial assessment, no schools were open, so this is a significant change).

FCC cell sites: 21 of 27 sites are still out (78%). This is a small improvement of 3 sites since initial assessment.

Electricity: Power is still mainly only available in the town centre, hospital and police station, according to the AEE map.
Additional sites since initial assessment include three schools and part of Barrio Rincón. Communities are slowly being energised. For example, several sectors of Rabanal and Töitä were energised, 25 Nov.

However, numerous communities are still without power and a municipal representative stated that they are not expecting to have it restored until after December 2017. There is a shortage of materials for the AEE to work with.

Residents have reported no power in Soy de Rabana, “the other sectors of Rabana”, Barrio Sud Arriba, Barrio Sud Abajo, Barrio Ceiba, Bengan, Sector los Jiménez, Treasure Valley, Sector Escribano, Campo Bello, Calle. 1 por el Terminal, la Egida Golden Living Apaga (apartments for elderly, disabled people, in Calle Brisas del Lago).

Medical: The First Panamerican Hospital still does not have grid power, according to the Status PR map (however, the Hospital Mennonite has had power since 25 Oct).

Water: Communities were still without water service in November. 2 Nov, waste water was discovered flowing into a ravine being used as a water supply. 10 Nov there was danger of sewage leaks polluting the La Plata River being used as a water supply.
Leptospirosis cases escalated in early November.

Food and water aid: 9 Nov, the municipality was in its second phase of distributing food and water supplies door to door. There have been complaints about aid being delivered late, or not reaching some areas. Some food supplies contained worms; some canned goods were long-expired and rusted.

Roads: Public transport between Cidra and Caguas was working as at 1 Nov. Campo Bello de Cider is still completely cut off by a washed out bridge, 27 Nov.

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