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Here's our latest on Comerío:

Update 11/30/2017. Initial assessment was 10/28/2017 - an interval of 33 days. No area is at nearly normal functioning. Schools, Communication, Water, Food, and Roads have some capacity. Electricity and Medical Access have no capacity. We give this a Severely Behind Plan with a confidence level of Medium.

Schools: 11 of 20 schools open in 6 of 8 barrios. This is a significant change as there were no schools open at the time of assessment. Point of interest: one school is Esc Especializada De BeisbalL-Manuel Cruz Maceira.

Communication: 12 of 18 cell towers still out of service - an increase of only 2 towers in a month (outage rate of 67%).

Electricity: AEE map shows no sites electrified in Comerio. Schools may be operating on generator power or having limited hours.

Health Access: Status PR shows no hospitals open, no dialysis center open, and 2 EPAP pharmacies open. 9/28 post on Puerto Rico Maria Update: emergency room open in Menonite Hospital in Comerio.

Water: As of 11/28, aid, including water, is still being distributed by the Red Cross. Church announcement of clothing and food and water available on Comerio facebook page. Status PR Mapas de Alimentos y Agua shows delivery of water nearly daily throughout November.

Food: Aid is ongoing. A community Thanksgiving dinner was held. Most of the aid now seems to be from churches in nearby areas. Food is still being distributed house to house. Red Cross continues nearly daily food deliveries through 11/27.

Roads: Road repair is ongoing. Facebook pictures show community members working together on roads and debris clearing. There are notices of road closures for bridge repair. Bridge north of Comerio Pueblo between PR-156 and PR-778 remains closed.

Items of Note: A Facebook comment: A Warrior people who have never given up. We'll make it together. With the strength of the warrior heart, with the spirit of struggle inherited from our ancestors. With the good faith of everyone. With God as a guide. Let the bad vibes go with the debris and hope for hope. Cheer people. All for comerío..Gloria E. Barrios

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