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Here's our latest on Culebra:

An assessment of the Culebra municipality has been conducted. It has been 31 days since the first assessment. Roads have been restored to nearly normal operations. Commmunication and ferry service to the main island have some functionality. Electricity has no grid capability yet but there are old generators. New, heavy duty generators that will provide 7x24 power are near installation. We give this an overall assessment as On plan based on reports of water service planned for restoration by the end of this week . With a confidence assessment of medium based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Water: Water has been distributed 37 times, last distribution 28 Nov

Food: Food has been distributed 53 times, last distribution 28 Nov

Medical: No dedicated medical services were ever present on the island but ferry service is available

Comm: Only 3 of 9 cell towers are working

Roads: Open

Schools: One of One schools open

Electricity: No grid power, some generators, two new generators coming in by first of December to power 24 x 7

This is an island municipality. Although it has one bank open, there is some evidence of two grocery stores open. They are 100% dependent on food and water being shipped in. Despite this apparently austere environment, the local Facebook page is very upbeat. Most people are anxious to get back to Culebra and see their vacation homes. It appears this island is home to many people with second vacation homes on the island. Ferry service is twice a day. Of note, there is a #CulebraStrong musical fundraiser planned in Atlanta in November.

Sources: 4 social media sites, 5 government sites, 2 news media sites.

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