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Here's our latest on Dorado:

Update 12/4/2017. Initial assessment was 11/1/17 - an interval of 33 days, Schools and Communication have nearly normal functioning. Electricity, Water, Food, Medical Access and Roads have some capacity. We give this an overall Behind Planwith a confidence level of Medium.

Schools: 11 of 13 schools open. Significant increase from 6 at assessment. Head Start and Early Head Start early childhood education programs are open. 11/27 Jose Santos Alegria high school opened.

Communication: 36 of 45 towers back in service (outage rate 20%)

Medical: No hospital, one dialysis center, and 10 EPAP pharmacies open. One emergency room is open limited hours.

Electricity: 19 sites listed as on the grid on AEE map, Status PR. Sites include a supermarket, post office, residential areas, and the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Nearly every Facebook post, no matter the subject, has comments from residents wanting light.

Water: Bottled water continues to be delivered daily by RSA and distributed throughout the community. Oasis continues to be in place.

Food: Daily food delivery continues. Red Cross delivering house to house. 5 supermarkets open.

Roads: PR-165 closed at PR 693 until 12/31.

Items of note: Community preparations for Christmas include music, food. Meeting of mental health professionals with mayor to address strengthening mental health services in Dorado. School clothes were available at a bazaar on 11/28.

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