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Here's our latest on Florida:

A final assessment of the Florida municipality has been conducted 28 Nov 2017, an interval of 30 days. Roads are acessible. Schools, water and cell coverage are substantially restored. Electricity is partially restored. Temporary medical clinics have been made available. We give this an overall assessment as On Plan. With a confidence assessment of MEDIUM-HIGH based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Schools: 4 of 6 schools are open (initial assessment, no schools were open, so this is a significant change).

FCC cell sites: 2 of 6 sites are still out (33%). This is a significant improvement of 4 sites since initial assessment.

Power: 9 sites have grid power: 3 apartment buildings, 4 communities, 2 city buildings. This is an improvement, as there was no grid power at initial assessment. However, a retired AEE officer has confirmed that due to a lack of electricity poles, 95% will not have power by Christmas, as had been promised.

Medical: Mobile hospital services were provided 5 Nov. Dental services were provided in the town square 23 Nov.

Water: Generators are powering the water plant; up to 60% of residents have running water. However, residents were still queuing to pick up potable water, 5 Nov.

Food: Grocery store is open with most food stocked. A restaurant is using a gas barbecue to prepare food.

Food and water deliveries: The Municipality and aid groups are still delivering food and potable water supplies up to 28 Nov.

Parcelas Selgas is still flooded with black water due to drainage issues. This is a health risk and is still being drained 22 Nov.
The US Army Corp of Engineers is working with the municipality to plan the roll out of blue roofs (tarps).

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