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Here's our latest on Guánica:

Guanica Review 12/4/2017. Original assessment was 11/13/17 - an interval of 21 days. Schools and Communication have nearly normal functioning. Water, Medical Access, Electricity, Food, and Roads have some capacity. We give this an overall Behind Plan based on the continuing need for water and food aid. Confidence level for this rating is Medium.

Schools: 10 of 13 schools are open. This is a significant change from 4 at assessment. Early childhood program for children under 3 is opening.

Communication: Only 1 cell tower of 17 is still down (outage rate of 5.9%).

Medical: Status PR indicates no hospital or dialysis center is open. 1 EPAP pharmacy is listed in Status PR. AEE map indicates CDT Juan M. Santiago has electricity. This data indicates it may be open, conflicting with the Status PR data that no hospital is open. 11/30 FEMA's first delivery of medical equipment to Guanica. Medical services for veterans offered at the Emergency Stop & Go center. Women's Health Fair was held at the Stop & Go center with several agencies involved: Diagnóstico y Tratamiento de Guánica, IBC de Yauco, IDIIFCO, Assmca, DF, Passing y Lucha, y Med Centro. 11/7 Project Hope brought medical providers to the coliseum and treated 150 patients.

Water: Bottled water deliveries are continuing. No data on the availablility of water service.

Electricity: 13 sites are listed by AEE as back in power, Included are two medical facilities, an industrial zone, and residential areas.

Food: Daily delivery of food is continuing. 1 market is open. Stop & Go site is still operating.

Roads: Guanica Facebook page reports meeting between mayor and department of transportation to find a solution to "the situation" on PR 389". No explanation of the situation.

Items of Note: Thanksgiving activities at Stop & Go included lunch, music, and Santa Claus.  

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