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Here's our latest on Guayama:

A final assessment of the Guayama municipality has been conducted 28 Nov 2017, an interval of 12 days. Medical services and schools have been restored to nearly normal operations, Food, Roads and Comms have some functionality. Water has some capability but is not potable. Grid power is just beginning to return in the town center but is not reliable. We give this an overall assessment as behind plan due to many areas lacking power and water. With a confidence assessment of medium-high based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Schools: 14 of 19 schools are open (no change from initial assessment).

FCC cell sites: 11 of 30 sites are still out (37%). This is a significant improvement of 8 sites since initial assessment.
Service has been intermittent in some areas; an outage 25 Nov affected areas which had previously had the signal restored.

Power: Only 1 site is eported by AEE as having grid power, a housing estate. Zero sites were energised at the initial assessment (9 days prior).
- AEE repair work has started in Borinquen 22 Nov, and Casco Urbano 26 Nov.
- Some areas are starting to see intermittent electricity late November, this is patchy and uneven from town to town.
- Some residents are pessimistic about the long wait (“This is serious my people... After this, nothing remains but to cling to God.”)
- Although there is an effort to maintain a fighting spirit (Guayama Recupera el encanto - Guayama recovers the charm)

Water: Many areas still do not have water and power; this is patchy and uneven from town to town, 22 Nov

The state of the running water supply: Found a report from a resident: Tap water was restored to most areas by mid-Oct, but it is not considered safe for drinking or cooking. In some places, the water quality is inconsistent and either has heavy sediment or smells chlorinated. In other areas, the supply itself is intermittent and is only available every few days. While many stores have reopened, shelves for bottled water remain empty. Some people are utilizing unsafe water sources out of desperation. 

Food and water aid: An Oasis was removed from PR-179 on 21 Nov, even though some communities in the area still do not have running water service, e.g. Palmas Bajas
- Charity groups continue to deliver food and water supplies to communities, e.g. Olympus, Santa Ana, Corazón.

Medical: The pharmacy has electric power service and has returned to regular opening hours from 7:30 am-10:00 pm on Nov 27.

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