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Here's our latest on Guayanilla:

A final assessment of Guayanilla municipality has been conducted. Medical access has been restored to normal operations, with general practicioners and the local hospital offering regular hours and services. Food, schools, and roads are nearly normal. Communications have resumed normal functionality. Grid power is returning but is unreliable and there are pockets that have been without power since 30 September. There are four water oases, and food and water deliveries are ongoing, with the most recent confirmed delivery of each on 30 November. We give this an overall assessment as on plan, though rural areas still need assistance. With a confidence assessment of medium high based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details include:

Schools: 8/10 schools operational

Communications: 10/10 cell towers operational

Medical: The hospital has begun an educational outreach program on mold, leptospirosis, mental health challenges, and other public health issues related to the current crisis in addition to their normal laboratory, imaging, and 24 hour emergency services. Two general practitioners are offering regular office hours. Two EPAP pharmacies and one regular pharmacy are operating.

Roads: The bridge at PR-127 9.1 km is still closed, and the municipality began vegatation debris removal along side roads on 29 November.

Food and Water: Four water oases are operational, and deliveries are still being made to rural areas with 74 total food and water deliveries as of 30 November.

Power: The AEE indicates the municipality has 32 barrios energized, but reports still vary widely as to the reliability and availability of power. Some neighborhoods report having no power since September 30, while others have been restored to grid power and others have access to generator power.

Items of note: at least four supermarkets are now operational, as are seven restaurants, three gas stations, and the local bank and post office. The municipality is also planning a holiday parade for 8 December, which has been met with mixed reactions from the community. Some people are glad to be getting in the holiday spirit, while others are clearly frustrated by not yet having power or trash pickup more than once per month. The children are unified in their enthusiasm, and have already begun their annual postcard to Santa project supported by the post office.

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