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Here's our latest on Guaynabo:

A final assessment of the Guaynabo municipality has been conducted 30 Nov 2017, an interval of 23 days. Schools, comms, medical and food have been substantially restored. Roads, power and water have some functionality (not much capability in remote areas away from the town centre). We give this an overall assessment as behind plan due to lack of power and water in mountainous areas. With a confidence assessment of medium-high based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Schools: 14 of 18 schools are open. This is a small improvement of 2 schools since initial assessment - but schools were already substantially recovered.
- Two re-opened schools are reported as having no electricity 29 Nov: La Escuela Mariano Abril Elemental I; La Escuela Ramón Marin Solá (this school has many special needs students).

FCC cell sites: 15 of 99 sites are still out (15%). This is a small improvement of 7% of sites since initial assessment - but comms were already substantially recovered.

Electricity: The number of energised sites has doubled since initial assessment, including a second major hospital, Municipio Autónomo de Guaynabo. Over 64 business, municipal buildings and housing estates have power, according to the AEE map.
- However, approx 400 residents from outside the urban area of Guaynabo replied to 6 FaceBook posts 28-29 Nov, reporting that the mountain and rural areas have been forgotten; some have had no power since Irma; and that the urban areas are being favoured.

Water: Significant progress on AAA water service was made on 28 Nov: a second generator has enabled service in 11 areas.
- Also, Residents report on 28 Nov that three additional areas, Hato Nuevo, Guaraguao and Sector los Cintron, finally have water after 83 days.
- When a third generator is installed, most of the municipality will have water (though no projected date is given).
- However, residents are still reporting that the mountain and rural areas do not have water.

Potable water stations: 28 Nov, two are in operation (Barrio Rios 1 and Barrio Ríos 2 are operating with Fema generator); and two are being repaired (Barrio Sonadora and La Marquesa) (these are different locations from the 5 oasis).

Water oasis: 26 Nov, resident reports that an oasis has been removed in Santa Rosa II, and in that area, only the Parcels Huertas has water; other sectors do not.

Food and water aid continues, e.g. in Bo. Amelia 25 Nov.

Medical: A second major hospital, Municipio Autónomo de Guaynabo, now has grid power.

Debris remains a problem for road access and sanitation. Residents are complaining that debris needs to be cleared, 22-29 Nov.

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