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Here's our latest on Hatillo:

Update 11/25/2017. Initial assessment was 11/14/2017 - an interval of 11 days. Communication and Roads have nearly normal functioning. Schools, Medical Access, Water, Electricity, and Food have some capacity. We give an overall Behind Plan based on Medical Access, Water quality, and Food aid. A confidence level of Medium is based on the amount of data available.

Schools: One additional school has opened. Now 10 of 16 public schools are open. One additional barrio, Capaez, has a school open. There are now 4 barrios with no schools.

Communication: As of 11/24/2017, 4 of 29 cell towers are still out (outage rate 13.8%).

Medical Access: Status PR does not show any hospitals open in Hatillo. Metro Pavia Clinic opened 10/26/2017 providing specialty and generalist services, including gynaecology, and diabetes. Although IPA Hatillo is shown as a hospital by Google Maps, it is actually a group practice of generalists and specialists. They do not operate a hospital.

Water: Running water was restored to most of Hatillo on October 6. However, a post from Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados on 11/22/2017, reported a services reduction of -3305 customers due to problems with generators, turbidity in water, and "raw" water. Bottled water still being delivered almost daily.

Electricity: Five additional sites have been connected to the electrical grid since 10/26 assessment. 11/14 facebook post on Puerto Rico Maria Updates: Hatillo has light. This post had comments from as recently as Nov. 16 from residents from Hatillo who still do not have light.

Food: Red Cross and RSA continued nearly daily aid throughout November. There are at least 2 Kash & Karry markets open in Hatillo

Roads: Google Maps does not show any road closures in Hatillo.

Items of note: Magnitude 2+ earthquakes reported north of Hatillo on 11/5, 11/14, 11/21, 11.24.

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