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Here's our latest on Hormigueros:

A final assessment of the Hormigueros municipality has been conducted 30 Nov 2017, an interval of 16 days. Water, Food, Comms, Roads and Schools have been restored to nearly normal operations, except in some rural areas. Power, and Medical have some functionality. We give this an overall assessment as ahead of plan, although rural areas need some assistance. With a confidence assessment of medium-high based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Schools: 6 of 7 schools are open (1 more than initial assessment, 2 weeks prior).

FCC cell sites: Only 1 of 10 sites is still out (10%) (a small improvement of 1 site since initial assessment - but cell service is almost fully restored). Some rural areas lack cell service: Aguiar, Marini, Consumo, Bateyes, Rio Canas Arriba, the rural area from the Antillian College (26 Nov).

Medical: Hormigueros relies on hospitals in nearby Mayagüez. The status of medical is unchanged: four medical centres are operating in Mayagüez, three pharmacies open and processing electronic claims in Hormigueros.

Electricity: Four additional sites have been energised since initial assessment (total 24). Power is substantially restored in urban areas, but many rural areas (and some urban areas) are reported as not having electricity.
26 Nov - residents were angry that the centre of town was illuminated for nativity celebrations while numerous areas are in the dark. Urban areas without electricity include: El Seco, Trastalleres. Rural areas without electricity include: Bateyes, Consumo, Las Vegas, Leguizamo, Río Cañas, Limón, Los Campos, Aguiar, Marini, Rio Canas Arriba, the rural area from Antillian College.
“We can't cover up the sky with a finger, these mayaguezanos have no quality of life right now and the relevant agencies are doing nothing.”

Water: Some rural areas still do not have water supply: Rio Cañas, Bateyes, Los Campos (26 Nov)

Food and water aid: The 14 food and water distribution sites are still being publicised to the community as at 30 Nov.

Roads: 26 Nov: Roads 105 and 106 are seriously damaged. Debris, cave-ins and two holes are still making Road 106 very dangerous.
26 Nov: In the rural areas of: Aguiar, Marini, Consumo, Bateyes, Rio Canas Arriba, the rural area from the Antillian College:
- There is little visibility on road 106, 353 and 354 Interior.
- There are poles, wiring, landslides, and trees still in much of the tracks.

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