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Here's our latest on Juana Díaz:

Update 11/26/2017. Initial assessment was 10/26/2017 - an interval of 31 days. Schools and roads report nearly normal functioning. Communication, Water, Food, and Electricity have some capacity. Medical Access has no reported capacity. We give this a Behind Plan with a confidence level of Medium.

Schools: 13 of 29 public schools open in 6 barrios (Status PR). At assessment on 10/26, no schools had opened.

Communication: 15 of 33 towers are still out (outage rate of 45.5%).

Medical Access: Status PR lists no hospitals, one dialysis center, and 8 EPAP pharmacies open.

Water: As recently as 11/22, twitter reports no water in sectors of Juana Diaz since Thanksgiving, according to Noticias De Juana Diaz. Food and water deliveries by RSA throughout November.

Electricity: Status PR AEE map shows 26 sites in Juana Diaz on the grid. A Facebook post on 11/25 by AEE was followed by 28 comments of people who have not had light since the hurricane.

Food: Stores are open. Residents seem to have enough to share - On Dec. 2, Juana Diaz plaza will accept donations of food, shoes, clothing, and baby formula, and cleaning supplies to be distributed to families in need. RSA delivery of food daily throughout November.

Roads: There are no road closures shown on Google Maps.

Items of note: Posts on Noticias De Juana Diaz Facebook page showed ads for and photos of people doing Black Friday shopping for Christmas.

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