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Here's our latest on Juncos:

Update 12/4/2017. Initial assessment was 11/9/17 - an interval of 25 days. Schools, and Communication have nearly normal functioning. Food, Water, and Roads have some capacity. Medical Access and Electricity show no recovery. We give this a Severely Behind Plan with a confidence level of Low-Medium.

Schools: 11 of 15 schools open. This is a significant change from 4 open at initial assessment. Three of these school opened 11/27.

Communication: 15 of 23 cell towers operating (outage rate of 34%). Phone lines to city hall are out in Juncos. Internet available only at library of the urban area.

Medical: No hospitals or dialysis centers reported as open by Status PR. 6 EPAP pharmacies open.

Electricity: AEE map reports 2 sites electrified - a supermarket and the pueblo (partial). A "party of hope" was held 11/24 in res. Antulio López - even though there was no electricity. Temporary lights (maybe car headlights) are seen in the video. There are many facebook comments requesting light.

Water: Water was delivered by Red Cross through 11/29. Still dependent on bottled water.

Food: The last delivery of food was 11/29 by Red Cross. One supermarket has electricity. There is post on the municipal page that baby food, formula, and other baby supplies are available. 600 people came to the Thanksgiving lunch.

Roads: The road that runs along the north side of Rio Valenciano is closed.

Items of notice: Library branches (pueblo and Valenciano Arriba) will be open from 8 to 4:30 Monday through Friday. Facebook video shows "party of hope" in one residential area. The first movie was shown on 11/19. It was moved into a school from the outdoors because of the rain.

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