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Here's our latest on Luquillo:

An assessment of the Luquillo municipality has been conducted, our last assessment was 31 days ago. Water is available via delivery and supply, depending on location. Food is available via delivery and at the Amigo Supermarket. Some communication is possible, and there are pharmacies open. TWe give this an overall assessment as Behind Plan . With a confidence assessment of medium based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Water: Is being delivered on a regular basis. One source says running water has been restored. 71 deliveries of water, last on 27 Nov

Food: Food is being delivered on a regular basis. There is one grocery store open. 84 deliveries of food, last on 27 Nov

Medical: There is no information about hospitals or urgent care centers being open, but the EPAP program is available, and 4 pharmacies are open.

Comm: 10 of 13 cell towers working

Roads: Anecdotal evidence suggests that most roads are out. There is a possible road danger on Carr. 984.

Schools: Schools are not yet reopened, per Status PR.

Electricity: AEE states 27 Nov that Luquillo has no grid power:

Items of note: 2 Gas Stations have received aid since Hurricane Maria. Luquillo is a very small municipality. There appears to be the most significant damage in the more mountainous areas.

Sources: 4 Social Media Sites, 5 Government Site, 3 News Site"

As of 12/1/17:
- OVER 60% of the town is still without electricity
-OVER 70% is still without potable water.
Water distribution centers continue to operate in town center
- Land & Cell service is spotty in many places.
- Food is still being distributed in town due to few open supermarkets
- many citizens are still homeless and living in tents
- some schools are still closed due to infrastructure and road conditions

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