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Here's our latest on Maricao:

Update 11/27/2017. Initial assessment was 11/3/2017 - an interval of 24 days. No area has nearly normal functioning. Schools, Communication, Water, Food and Roads have some capacity. Medical Access and Electricity have no reported capacity. We give this a Severely Behind Plan with a confidence level of Medium-High.

Schools: 5 of 9 schools have reopened in the pueblo and two barrios. At assessment, 1 school was open.

Communication: 3 of 5 towers are still out of service (60% outage rate). No data was found to suggest that the 11 Open Mobile sites are not still operating. On 11/27, wifi was available in the public plaza.

Medical Access: Status PR shows no hospitals, dialysis centers, or EPAP pharmacies open in Maricao.

Water: An article in elnuevodia reports that interruptions to water service in Maricao are because of problems with electrical generators in filtration plants, pumping stations or dams. FEMA has continued daily bottled water delivery in Maricao throughout November.

Electricity: Maricao has no sites connected to the electrical grid.

Food: On 11/6, aid was delivered to parts of all barrios, including food, water, ice, and personal hygiene items. Aid has been supplied by neighboring towns, volunteer groups, WAPA TV, La Academia Sangermeña. No government or municipal deliveries have been shown on facebook. Red Cross and RSA deliveries continued throughout November on a daily basis. No supermarkets are open.

Roads: Facebook posts as recent as 11/21 show washed out roads.

Items of Note: Status PR shows no gas stations or banks open in Maricao. Maricao Despierta (Awake) is collecting toys for distribution at Christmas.

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