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Here's our latest on Mayagüez:

Update 11/30/2017 Initial assessment 11/21 - an interval of 9 days. Communications and Medical Access have nearly normal functioning. Schools, Water, Food, and Electricity show some capacity. We give this Behind Plan based on the continuing delivery of food and water. Confidence level, based on the amount of data, is Medium-High.

Schools: 23 of 40 schools are open. This compares of 21 schools open only 9 days ago.

Communication: 13 of 68 cell towers are still out (19.1% outage rate). A mobile tower was deployed in this area.

Medical Access: 4 hospitals, 1 dialysis center, and 17 pharmacies are open in Mayaguez. It serves the residents of nearby municipalities also.

Water: Bottled water is continuing to be delivered to Mayaguez by FEMA through 11/27.

Electricity: 62 sites in Mayaguez are connected with the electric grid. This includes water plant, municipal buildings, hospitals and clinics, industrial area, ice plant, shopping centers, and residential areas. Interruptions in power are frequent.

Food: Food and Water have been delivered by Red Cross and FEMA daily through 11/26. 10 supermarkets are open in Mayaguez, according to Status PR.

Roads: No road closures are shown on Google Maps.

Items of note: Residents are asking the municipality to pick up debris. The residents have organized it and lined it up along the road. Christmas lights in the Navidad display are not connected to the power grid. They are being powered by solar panels on the roof of the municipality. Male actors between 18 and 25 are encouraged to apply for roles in the film about Nicky Jam's life. The GreenPeace ship, Artic Sunrise, was denied entry into port because of the Jones Act. Table tennis championships are coming in January. The culturally appropriate cock fighting season has begun.  

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