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Here's our latest on Moca:

Update 12/4/2017

Schools: 11 of 18 schools are open. This is a significant change from 2 open schools at initial assessment.

Communication: 14 of 19 cell towers are back in service (outage rate of 26.3%).

Medical: Status PR reports one hospital open with no electric service, no dialysis centers open, and 9 EPAP pharmacies open. However, AEE map shows the hospital connected to the electrical grid.

Electricity: AEE map shows 33 sites energized. They include AAA water sites, zona industrial, hospital San Carlos Borromeo, and residential areas. Parts of all but three barrios are included on the list. Facebook comments reflect residents' growing impatience with lack of electric power.

Water: Federal and Red Cross continued to bring bottled water to Moca throughout the month of November. No data found on water service. No facebook comments were found on water.

Food: Red Cross and RSA continued to deliver food aid to Moca throughout November. Only one market is open.

Roads: Google Maps does not show any road closures in Moca.

Items of note: Facebook comments reflect the residents' views that the municipality of Moca has yet to moblilize.

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