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Here's our latest on Morovis:

Update 11/27/2017. Initial assessment was 10/30/2017 - an interval of 28 days.

Schools: 10 of 15 public schools are open in 7 barrios. This is a significant change from no schools open at assessment

Communication: 7 of 21 towers remain out of service (outage rate of 33%). This is a significant change from a 76% outage rate at assessment.

Medical Access: Status PR shows no hospitals or dialysis centers open and two EPAP pharmacies open. On 11/8 a caravan of vehicles from the Girl Scouts, a church, and the Morovis Community Health Center forded the river to San Lorenzo to bring medical and mental health services, food and water, water filters, solar lights, awnings, mosquito repellant, fans, and clothing. A notice from the Morovis Community Health Center on 11/4 reads in part: :The Morovis community Health center is proud of their work... before, during and after Irma and María, and they continue to keep services open." The services are limited to outpatient; it does not appear that any hospital beds are available in the community.

Electricity: The Status PR AEE map lists Morovis as having no electrical grid connection. Statement by the mayor on 11/27: "Morovis is 100% in the dark." Photos show municipal council meeting taking place in candlelight.

Water: Facebook post on Municipio de Morovis Oficial, comment by Eileen M. Matos "We have no water since Irma." 11/15 post on Municipio de Morovis Oficial facebook page shows two large tanks with filters that have been installed through the efforts of Senators Miguel Pereira, Bhatia Gautier and his work team for the great initiative called "Aguapalpueblo". These Oasis sites are available 24 hours a day. A 11/4 post shows two water trucks that have been sent to Morovis from the EEUU. FEMA has delivered water to the municipality daily through 11/27

Food: Municipal work team ("led by the mayor") continues to bring food and water to outlying areas. A community Thanksgiving dinner was held. Navidad activities also include food and music. Voluntary groups, Red Cross, FEMA, and RSA have delivered food daily throughout November.

Roads: The make-shift ford across the San Lorenzo river continues in use. Google Maps does not show any road closed.

Items of Note: 11/20 Mayor Carmen Maldonado met with ex-president Bill Clinton to discuss recovery. Community Navidad season kickoff in community square included a snowfall (soap bubbles, maybe).

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