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Here's our latest on Naranjito:

A final assessment of the Naranjito municipality has been conducted 1 Dec 2017, an interval of 27 days.
Schools have almost returned to normal capability. Roads, Food, Water, Power, Communications and Medical services have some functionality. We give this an overall assessment as Behind Plan due to some areas still without power and water and difficulty accessing aid. With a confidence assessment of medium based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Schools: 14 of 15 schools are open. This is a very substantial change from initial assessment (no schools were open).

FCC cell sites: 12 of 23 sites are out (52.2%). This is modest change since initial assessment, when 17 sites were out. Residents report that there is still no Internet service as at 30 Nov.

Medical: One of two health centres is open and has grid power: Centro de Salud Integral de Naranjito (provides primary health care in a rural area). Additional interim assistance:
- Free medical clinics opened on 8, 15, 21 Nov, provided by the doctors of Samaritan’s Purse; New York medical services unions; the Medical Mission of Florida.
- Emergency prescription program for people without health insurance was announced 9 Nov.

Electricity: 19 sites are energised, mainly in the town. This is a substantial improvement since initial assessment, although many areas are still waiting for electricity.

Water: Progress is being made with generators being installed in the aqueducts of some communities (18 Nov: Nieves Sanchez in Cedro Abajo; La Maya in Bo. Anones; Les Jardines). As at 30 Nov, numerous communities do not have potable water supply and are still relying on bottled water or mobile oasis. Examples:
- Bo. Anones (Oasis; Sector Cayito Ríos, no water); Bo. Guadiana (Altos, e.g. La Hueca, no water); Bo. Nuevo (e.g. La Loma del Viento no water since Irma); Bo. Lomas (no water for 60 days); Bo. Achiote (The Nives); Bo. Cedra (Oasis; Cedro Arriba sector Morales; Sector Los Cosme, no water); el Cuco and el Saco (no water); Don Manolo, Mulitas, the Cabrera (water is a problem); The 152 (Road 152) (no water); Bo. Annatto, Sector La Maravilla (no water); Monte Verde (no water).

Water purifiers are needed, e.g. an aid organisation donated water purifiers in Achiote but demand exceeded the number of purifiers by 10 x (300 residents, 25 purifiers).

Food: Some restaurants in the town are open, 13 Nov, and the city is trying to promote them. However, many communities still need regular food aid deliveries.

Food and water aid: The Municipality, the Military, the Red Cross, the Governor’s Office and private charity groups have delivered food and water aid as recently as 30 Nov.

The municipality delivers supplies daily, rotating locations to reach each community once per week; the Red Cross also delivers daily.

Some elderly residents cannot reach the pick-up point; some areas are not receiving supplies.

Roads: Residents are reporting that roads in their area are still dangerous or affected by flooding:
- PR-809 Fejioo
- Achiote in the Telesforo Torres sector
- El Camino De Los Sanchez
Repair work is in progress on roads and bridges, including the two most damaged main roads, PR-152 and PR-810:
- PR-152 has been opened in both directions, 16 Nov. The National Guard of Puerto Rico assessed several areas for further work, 17 Nov
- Higuillales' Carr 810, road is closed 23 Nov for roadwork, as blockages are being cleared
- Los Lopez bridge in Cedro Abajo - damage mitigated 25 Nov.
- Achiote Varo Bridge is being evaluated for reconstruction by FEMA, 29 Nov

Debris is being cleared by the municipality throughout November, but some neighbourhoods have been overlooked or need a second collection.

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