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Here's our latest on Peñuelas:

A final assessment of the Peńuelas municipality has been conducted 1 Dec 2017, an interval of 26 days. Roads and schools have been restored to nearly normal operations, Communications and Medical Services have some functionality. Electricity, food and water service have very limited functionality, especially in mountainous areas. We give this an overall assessment as Behind Plan due to lack of power and water, especially in mountainous areas. With a confidence assessment of medium-high based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Schools: 11 of 13 schools are open. This is a significant change from initial assessment (no schools were open).

FCC cell sites: 6 of 19 sites are out (39.6%). This is significant change since initial assessment, when 12 sites were out.
Resident reports that AT&T signal finally returned in Peñuelas on 1 Dec. The Mayor has demanded that the telephone companies repair their poles and lines as they are also blocking roads and making aid delivery difficult in many sectors (6 Nov).

Medical: Medical Centre “Peñuelas Satellite Centre” is operating with generator power. (Peñuelas itself does not have a major hospital but relies on hospitals in Ponce. No significant change in Ponce where 4 of 5 hospitals have grid power.

Electricity: AEE data says that power has been restored in 12 sites, including 1 additional Barrio since initial assessment. However, news and social media reports have shown that the power supply is fragile in the restored areas; and that most areas of Peñuelas have no power. 23 Nov an accident with a petrol tanker caused an outage for most of the sites which did have grid power.

Water: Peñuelas is waiting for repair to two water plants and restoration of grid power before most residents will have running, potable water service. Residents are still reporting that they have no water service as at 1 Dec.

Food and water aid: The Municipality, and Red Cross distribution is ongoing as at 27 Nov. Private charity groups continue to bring aid into the mountainous area, as recently as 27 Nov.

Other: An audit is being conducted after a municipal representative was accused of stealing supplies donated in October.
There is concern about pollution from a waste repository of ash that may have polluted the area due to Maria.

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